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Pascale Perge


born in France, lives and works in Denmark

member of
Grafisk Værksted Næstved, DK
Manhattan Graphics Center, NY, USA

I chose polymer photogravure as a graphic technique because it permits several visual combinations based on photography, drawing, collage etc. Its rather time-consuming process allows the superimposition of images. These images often have a velvety and poetic quality which puts one in mind of Chinese or Japanese pictures. Yet they also produce a starker effect due to their rich contrasts. They sometimes bear a resemblance to relief printing, and this in my view puts them in close relation to sculpture, which I also practise.

My work stands in the Romantic tradition of European art, where landscape expresses the grandeur and infinity of nature. The elements which give it form, be it earth, water, vegetation, sky or stars, seem immutable in comparison with the span of a human life. It is this immensity of space which I seek to explore.

Even though in our contemporary world nature has been redefined as fragile and in constant danger of destruction, she remains, as I see it, true to herself. Neither weak nor strong, she will ultimately have the last word. Francisco de Goya’s painting titled the Struggle affords a fine illustration of this: in the foreground one sees two men engaged in mortal combat in a morass which gradually engulfs them. They seem unaware of their impending fate. The spectator, however, quickly perceives that only the surrounding landscape will endure.

Pascale Perge, august 2015

Description de l'activité

fine art printmaking



Exposition/Evénements en cours ou en préparation

next exhibitions

2015 24 October - 13 December / GraN - Graphic Nordica, Kunst Museum, Akureyri, Iceland

2015 1 November - 18 December / MANHATTAN GRAPHICS CENTER, New York, USA (juror Sarah Suzuki)

2016 11 February - 3 April / International Triennal of Contemporary Engraving, El Catascopio gallery, Barcelone, Spain

2016 1 - 31 March / Photogravure Exhibition, Manhattan Graphics Center, New York, USA (curator Beth Ganz)

2016 26 May - 03 July / Biennale internationale d'estampe contemporaine, Dreux, France

2016 24 June - 07 August / Sommer Exhibition, Mansnedøfortet, Vordingborg, Denmark

The coalmine variation
polymer photogravure

Det stille landskab (Sort sol)
polymer photogravure

Érinyes sur Auvers
polymer photogravure

La mine
polymer photogravure